Cantenna tests (with tiny vna!)

Today I made some tests with a Can antenna as a dish source.

I used a french can for collectivity (Ratatouille for some who want to knows).


I removed the brand, not sure it was usefull. I also removed the content by eating it. (a bit too much for one guy).

I added a probe with a bnc:


Oups, I did not clean so well the bottom. Well  let’s start.

To calculate the placement of the probe I used the program cantennator from island limited:

cantennatorFirst observation, my can is not long enough. let’s see.

Second analyse (no screenshot of first one :-( ):


SWR is too high (in previous analyse it was perfect 1:1 at 1150Mhz). I have just cutted a bit to move up but I obeserved this phenomena : SWR increase and do not remain at 1:1.

To confirm I cutted a bit more (2mm) of the probe :

mesure2I can effectily see an increase in frequency but i’m unable to remain in good swr.

Two conclusions :

  • perhaps cantennator is not working properly in freq I try to work  (it is designed for 2.4Ghz, wifi) ?. Assumption on no error on program itself.
  • My can’s dimensions are not good one for a good condition (remember not enough long..).

IC202 pour transverter (hyper?) ou original 2m à vendre!

Je me sépare de mon IC202 modifié par Sylvain F6CIS pour une utilisation hyper. La description de Sylvain :

Oui effectivement je me souviens ce celui-ci, il sait tout faire !
Deux possibilités au choix :
* Entrée/Sortie soit RX+TX sur le connecteur BNC (en utilisant le petit cordon coax pour strapper les deux Subclicks)
*  ou entrée/sortie indépendantes TX et RX BNC + Subclic

* le NF d’origine étant très moyen, le Mosfet d’entrée RX avait été remplacé par un composant plus performant, le petit CV vert a été ajouté il sert à optimiser le Gain et NF sur la charge.







Prix 100€ et 6€ de ports.



Dish in place !

After many modifications of my crane, my rotor and my pivot system, my dish is up.

I should receiver my last missing components for my 1420Mhz receiver (Hydrogen H1 line). I’m expecting an airspy, some SMA connectors.

I have also received my beaglebone black in order to create an USB over IP connectivity. I also received today my support for my source ! fast shipping from Franck of RFHamdesign !



Remote station diagram

Station Radio

  • Internet User access in Intranet and Station over SSH tunnel (IOS/Android/Linux/Windows)
  • User take control on station server via RDP protocol (xrdp package). (over Internet or Intranet)
  • Station is powered on/off via SMS on GSM band (in case of Internet failure)
  • RDP server host all control tool plus mumble server in order to stream audio to remote location if needed.


FT817, Linux and remote control

The first task I had to work on was the CAT system with my ft817.

First I decided to install Hamlib (with Grig GUI frontend). Generally packages works well and it is easy to compile. This time it was also the case. Unfortunately I had to be able to modify the VOX parameter in order to be able to speak on local relays. It is not possible to do such action with hamlib.

My second option, in order to have some comfortable interface was to install Ham Radio Deluxe (the last free version) over wine. It worked quite well and if we do not want to use the digital program (I did not test the logbook) it is fully functional.

At the end I used also the wonderful FT817OS witch is a perl application that simulate an OS dedicated to the FT817. The job made is amazing and really funny to use. I did not finished to explored it but with a small API (netcat?) and a graphical it could be THE solution (

At the end, my needs are in fact only be able to change freq, change power, switch TX/RX. All this can be done with all these tools.

Great no ?


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